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We Buy and Sell Vintage Wallpaper

A site dedicated to sourcing and supplying theatre, film set designers, advertising agency’s, householders with a wide range of vintage, retro, 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s 90’s and even some 2000’s Wallpaper wall coverings and borders. New collections added regularly.

See more of our latest 80cm wide 1970s [salubra] collection at the end of retro wallpaper collection 4.

Old and Retro Wallpaper

Vintage Wallpaper Online are the UKs leading supplier of Retro Wallpaper and Borders. 1970s-1980s wallpaper is proving to be very popular at the moment, whether it be floral or pop art. We’re proud to stock thousands of rolls of vintage wallpaper from all eras, so you’re bound to find the one that’s right for you. Check out our extensive gallery’s for pages of inspiration.